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Openings & Closings
Our services include pool openings in the spring and closings in the fall. Openings begin in March and continue through the spring and into the summer. Closings begin the week after Labor Day and continue into late fall. We mail flyers in the spring and fall describing our services and pricing and include a service request form for you to complete and fax or send to us to schedule your opening or closing.

Weekly Pool Service
We’ll keep your water clear and your pool clean. We test the water; add chlorine, conditioner & chemicals that control pH & alkalinity. We also vacuum, empty the skimmer and pump baskets and backwash your sand filter to keep your pool clean and clear.

Weekly Spa Service
We test the water & add chemicals required to balance the water. We also vacuum your spa to keep it clean as part of our pool vacuuming service.

Pool & Spa Heaters
Water too cold? We can heat it up. We install & repair all pool & spa heaters. Extend your pool season in the spring and fall with a new heater. Warm the water on cool days to more fully enjoy your pool.

Vinyl Liners
Make your pool beautiful again with a replacement vinyl liner. We have a large selection of patterns to choose from and our liners carry the strongest warranty in the industry.

Leak Detection
Losing water? We can help.

Auto Pool Covers
An automatic cover keeps your pool safe and clean. We install automatic covers on new pools and retrofit covers on existing pools and can install an automatic cover on any pool, regardless of size or shape. We also repair existing covers and replace worn cover fabric.

Spa Covers
We can replace your faded, sagging spa cover regardless of the shape or size of your spa. Make your spa and pool area beautiful again with a new spa cover. We have several colors to choose from.

Winter Safety Covers
Protect your family & pets with a solid or mesh safety cover during the off-season. We sell and install solid and mesh safety covers that keep your pool safe and looking nice over the off-season.

Pool School
Perfect for new pool owners. The session is conducted at your pool. We’ll help you become acquainted with your equipment and the features of your pool as well as show you how to operate & clean the pool.

Professional testing & balancing of your pool water each week

Algae control

Chemicals to control pH & alkalinity

Highly trained & skilled service personnel

Complete water testing & analysis